Quality politics

Quality of service is a customer's right

ISO 9001

In Tu-Voz we have obtained the seal of Quality Management ISO 9001 by the certifying entity Bureau Veritas, a world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification that has accredited the quality and safety of our processes.

The certifying entity confirms in this way our quality politics what concerns to continuous improvement As a fundamental principle of action of the organization, compliance with quality in the services offered to customers and, ultimately, contribute at all times to customer satisfaction.

Our vocation of service based on the proximity, technical knowledge and quality, has driven us to improve day by day following certain strategic lines:

  • Know and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Know and comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable in each case.
  • Communicate to the client the incidents that may occur in the provision of the service and thus minimize the impact that these may have.
  • Seek continuous improvement in the efficiency of our production and management processes that allows us to be competitive due to our Quality-Price relationship.
  • Involve our staff, with their contributions, in achieving continuous improvement.

Customer service audits

In our Contact Center we perform audits to maintain the quality standards required to offer an impeccable service to our customers. It is important to note that the work of audit calls It is one of the most important. If not the most. It is the basis of improvement of agents. Thanks to internal call audits we can identify best practices, rate agents and raise the level of service.

Manager letter

The Management of Tu-Voz, customer service, commercial communication and telephone marketing aware of the obligations imposed by Quality Management according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Standard, and reaffirming its foundational commitment, declares, publishes and makes its Quality Policy generally known to all its Organization and Interested Parties. consisting of:

– Establish and maintain an effective and efficient Quality Management System, planned and developed in conjunction with the rest of the Management functions.

– Ensure that all personnel are fully familiar with the Company's Objectives and Policy through a preparation and training program at all levels of the Company.

– Inform the Client of any eventuality that may be the cause of non-compliance in the provision of the service requested by him or committed by him. Tu-Voz.

– Do not run away from responsibilities regarding the damages that our way of acting may have caused to the interested Parties.

– Adapt to the requests and needs of the interested Parties whenever possible.

– Treat with the highest priority the claims or complaints of the interested Parties.

– Achieve full customer satisfaction through strict compliance with the requirements contracted and provided through our Customer Service, Commercial Communication and Telephone Marketing services.

– Comply with the requirements (legal, regulatory, etc.) applicable to all the activities of the company and those linked to the provision of our services.

– Achieve the maximum motivation of the interested Parties directly involved in the development of our activity, which guarantees our commitment to continuous improvement.


In Valencia, on January 27, 2017

Juan José Plá
Tu-Voz Manager