Legal verification of the data protection consent of your databases.


We make phone calls to obtain verbal consent that accredits and validates data protection consent.


Obtain the verbal consent of users to comply with data protection regulations, minimizing your management times and reducing your administrative costs.

Why opt for third party verification of data protection consent?

Brands and manufacturers can obtain numerous benefits from trade promotions:

  • Speed: As it is a telephone interview, when the contact is achieved, the questions are asked and the answers are obtained in real time to be processed. In fact, mail surveys waste a lot of time between sending the survey and receiving it. Finally, in personal transfers, transfers play an important role.
  • Low cost: Compared to personal interviews, the telephone interview is much cheaper and has more scope, it is not invested in transfers, if we compare it with mail surveys, the difference is that more surveys are carried out by telephone with immediate results.

Do you want to update the consent of your databases?

Through the verbal consent of data protection, the records of all your databases are accredited and validated in an agile way.

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We offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client. Tell us what the needs of your company are and we will establish the appropriate procedures that guarantee the satisfaction of your clients.


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