Quality and CSR of Tu-Voz Contact Center

We don't need to count it, our actions show how we are

The improvements in our Call Center always have repercussions in optimal conditions for our employees and in a better service to our clients. Therefore, in Tu-Voz Contact Center We are committed to quality and CSR policies, very diverse strategies and activities: Quality Policy, Equality Plan for employees, energy efficiency and recycling measures, etc.

In addition, the well-being of all our workers as well as their satisfaction for working in Tu-Voz It is one of the clear objectives of our Contact center. We believe in work efficiency and we are committed to reconciling work and family life. As well as the joint collaboration between all team members to achieve our goals.

At Tu-voz, a Call center and Contact center company, we understand that service quality is a customer's right, and as such, it must be part of the personal style of the people who make up our organization.

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We respect diversity and promote non-discrimination based on age, sex, marital status, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other
personal, physical or social characteristic, among our workers.

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In today's market, sustainability has become paramount. At Tu-Voz Contact Center we have developed a series of internal actions in order to improve the performance of our company in the area of sustainability.

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