We achieve a satisfactory experience for your customers in their relationship with your brand.


We inform and advise your clients on products, management of incidents related to failures or breakdowns, assignment of technical service, etc.


Manage to improve the corporate image of your company by eliminating the loss of calls and waiting times. You will be able to optimize management times by reducing dedicated costs.

Why choose our after-sales support service?

First of all, with Tu-Voz you will make your customer service profitable and offer your clients a satisfactory experience every time they contact your firm. Certainly from our Valencia call center We optimize your costs and dedicated resources through a quality service, avoiding lost calls and “phone waiting”. How do we get it? First, thanks to our management and supervision tools as well as our specialized human resources.

For these reasons we can offer services of:

  • Information and inquiries: technical characteristics of products, points of sale, user manuals, etc.
  • Also troubleshooting: updates, software, etc.
  • Likewise, guarantees: Processing guarantees, deadlines, etc.
  • Finally, breakdown and after-sales support: breakdown management, assignment of official technical service, etc.

Do you want to make your after-sales support profitable?

Thanks to the Customer Service and after-sales support, HISENSE has managed to optimize and streamline procedures with its customers and official technical services.

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We offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client. Tell us what the needs of your company are and we will establish the appropriate procedures that guarantee the satisfaction of your clients.


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