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What is an outsourcing?

An outsourcing service consists of outsourcing an area of your company. It occurs when a company delegates the management of an activity to another highly qualified and specialized company.


What is a Call center?

Call Center is a call management center where services of inbound and outbound of a high volume of telephone calls are carried out in addition to managing tasks of back office or customer service in others ways. Keep in mind that it is always called on behalf of the client.

Call Center can provide the necessary resources, experience and infrastructure for any company to establish marketing strategies, affiliation, customer service, debt collection, quality services, etc. the services of Tu-Voz Contact center always offer the best guaranteed result.

Normally it is usually contracted to companies of Call center, specialized in telemarketing to perform outgoing call services.


What is the difference between a call center and a contact center?

On the one hand, a call center is responsible for managing customer calls. On the other hand, a contact center is responsible for managing all the communications established with customers through the different communication channels: telephone, email, chat, etc.


What training do telemarketers receive before starting the service?

Our agents are specifically trained to have an exhaustive knowledge of your company, values, products, services as well as technical tools to provide the best service to your customers.


My product is very technical. Will they be able to explain it?

We work on projects from very diverse sectors, some as technical as in the household appliance sector. We train the necessary team, we attract talent if necessary in long-term and complex projects; and we study the different communication flows, depending on the type of information, consultation and incidence. Technical information is not a problem to be able to execute a Contact Center action or strategy in an optimal way.


How do I forward my calls so that they are received by the Contact Center?

In order for the Contact Center to attend your calls in a personalized way, all you have to do is forward calls to an assigned ddi (geographical telephone number). Thus, the calls are identified and associated with your company and the agent attends and manages them according to the established protocols.


Benefits of a Call Center.

Hire a Call Center It is very beneficial for any company, be it small, medium or large. We will list some benefits of telemarketing for your company, but broadly speaking, we guarantee that you will save time, money and obtain unbeatable results.

  • If you hire a call center service you will avoid congestion of telephone lines.
  • with telemarketing you will save on the phone bill. Telemarketing companies have cheaper telephone rates than other companies.
  • You will have control and registration of all the telephone procedures carried out, through the reports that we will send you.
  • The call center service can be integrated with other functions of your business.
  • By contracting the telemarketing service, your company increase your business capacity by freeing your staff from workload.
  • You will save on training of your team, we have telemarketers trained and qualified to achieve the best results.


Benefits of using Tu-Voz Contact Center services.

  • Anulamos las congestiones de tus líneas telefónicas.
  • Savings in the telephone billing of your business.
  • Control and registration of all telephone procedures.
  • Integration with other functions of your business.
  • We increase capacity.
  • We optimize your resources.
  • We improve your quality.
  • We reduce your costs.
  • We incorporate the human factor to each client and in each campaign.
  • We manage your Database identifying invalid numbers to eliminate lost calls or overflows.


Objectives of a call center

  • Respond to the largest number of calls at the lowest cost.
  • Issue the largest number of calls at the lowest cost.
  • Answer calls quickly.
  • Answer the call the first time it occurs.
  • Optimize the duration of the call.
  • Reduce "busy tone" for callers.
  • Delete missed calls.


Objectives of a telemarketing action through Call Center.

The goal of a company Call Center through its different telemarketing services, incoming calls or outbound calls can be divided into three:

  • Customer acquisition.
  • Customer maintenance.
  • Payment to clients.


Is it necessary to have a starting database for a telemarketing campaign?

We definitely recommend it. We have database debugging services; On the other hand, for budget and efficiency, it is always advisable to start with a base of contactable clients.


I would like to improve my after-sales service but I do not have the capacity for a large team. What can I do?

We take care of everything. If it is necessary to adapt or add any type of element to your ecommerce or website, we have the necessary tools to do so. Tell us your idea and we make you a proposal.


I am losing calls in my company. Can a contact center answer only the calls that I cannot answer?

Of course! Many times, companies have numerous calls at certain times of the day creating a funnel effect. As a Contact center partner we can attend to these peaks and overflows of calls that your company cannot answer. We always offer personalized and totally flexible services that adapt to your volume of calls, your schedules, etc.


How will I know the performance of the work that Tu-Voz does?

We have tools to measure and monitor all campaigns. Thus, we periodically report the results of the campaigns, whether they are calls answered, calls made, qualification of calls, leads obtained, etc.

Similarly, our supervisors are in constant contact with our clients to analyze the service and take action if necessary.


How long does it take on average to get a campaign up and running?

It depends on the complexity of the project. But, approximately, launching a campaign can range from 48 hours to a week.


I would like to send you my Curriculum vitae

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