With our service we offer you customer support and call attention 24 hours a day.


We are a 24x7 Contact Center to improve the productivity and competitiveness of your company thanks to our human resources and technological tools.


Manage to optimize your internal resources and support your customers by reducing your costs. Eliminate waiting times and lost calls and minimize handling times.

Siempre disponibles para tus clientes con nuestro servicio telefónico las 24 horas

Why opt for our 24-hour contact center service?

With Tu-voz you can reduce the costs of your 24×7 customer service and offer your customers a satisfactory experience every time they contact your company. We optimize your dedicated resources through a quality service, avoiding lost calls and "telephone waiting" times. All this thanks to our call management and supervision tools as well as our agents specialized in customer service and management tasks in the Call Center.

  • Breakdowns (SAT): technical assistance services, incident management, breakdowns, maintenance, etc.
  • Emergencies: notices of accidents, damages, malfunctions, …
  • Urgent Care Centers (CAU): medical emergencies, health emergencies,…
  • Helpdesk 24×7: technical support, alerts, supervision and control,…

Do you need to cover your clients 24 hours a day and optimize your investment?

Thanks to the CEU SAN PABLO Customer Service, the University has managed to streamline the procedures for the admission of new students.

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We offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client. Tell us what the needs of your company are and we will establish the appropriate procedures that guarantee the satisfaction of your clients.


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