Tu-Voz, your Call center in Valencia with cutting-edge technology

We offer you professional solutions with cutting-edge technology in the Contact Center sector.

Cutting edge technology

In Tu-Voz Contact Center we provide you with a solution Omnichanel Customer Service.  Thanks to us your customer service and management is more agile and effective never. Whether it is calls, emails, chats or social networks, all channels can be directed to the most appropriate agents. Thus, you will be able to offer the best customer service thanks to our technological Call Center.

Our solution has features such as Intelligent Contact Routing (ACD) and Self-Service Voice Recognition (IVR). In addition, we also offer predictive dialer, CTI, scripting and flow design tools, and omnichannel communications management. All this under web architecture.

Our agents can deal with interactions from different origins in the same interface. Combine call groups with Twitter messages, emails, chat requests, backoffice tasks, etc.

Tecnología call center Valencia

Technology at your service

In addition, our supervisors have a tool for Supervision and control that allows us to quickly adapt to changes in your business. Thanks to our unique web interface, we can easily configure your services, agents and their profiles, measure the satisfaction of your customers as well as measure the productivity of your teams. Additionally, supervisors can monitor in real time the degree of compliance with the SLAs, the activity of the agents and the performance of the platform.

The solution we provide in the Call center of Tu-Voz allows you to define agent scripts so that customer service adapts to your needs. Likewise, we can define the dynamic flows for the intelligent routing of interactions to the agent scripts in a fast and simple way or define the multichannel streams intuitively, define time rules, activate voice self-service, define call-backs, etc.

Similarly from Tu-Voz, as always we care about offering a quality service and committed to the satisfaction of your customers, we have a generator set that guarantees the continuity of services against possible power outages. Therefore, no customer will be left unattended, since in the event of a power outage, the group comes into operation automatically, thus allowing the continuity of Contact Center operations.