We improve the efficiency and cost savings of your company by outsourcing the management of information and administrative processes.


We manage your company's administrative processes in an efficient and organized manner, whether they are document processing, various administrative tasks or email management.


Reduce the internal costs of your service by optimizing and professionalizing tasks. With Tu-Voz you will minimize management times and solve tasks efficiently.

Why opt for our back office service?

Very varied types of tasks can be carried out, such as:

  • Administrative tasks: Related to HR issues, staff organization, etc.
  • Billing tasks: As well as Recalculation of invoices, making payments, application of charges in invoice, etc. In short, all the billing support that requires spending more time than usual on a phone call, either because of the difficulty it may present or because of the amount of work that is needed.
  • Orders management: In companies that offer their products to other clients or companies, having a backoffice department for order management is an advantage.
  • Management of collections / unpaid: Likewise, there are companies that have a collection department in their customer service. They are basically responsible for the management of bad debts.
  • Email management: The mails that can be resolved by the backoffice will be resolved and those that cannot, will be referred to the specialized department. Meanwhile, a response must be given to the client, and if it has not been possible to resolve it in the short term, explain the steps being taken.
  • Communication with customers: Clients must be kept informed at all times of any resolution and follow-up of their case.

Do you want to optimize your tasks and administrative procedures?

Through our Back office service we manage the administrative processes of your company, optimizing time and resources.

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We offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client. Tell us what the needs of your company are and we will establish the appropriate procedures that guarantee the satisfaction of your clients.


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