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Selia is the ideal solution by Tu-Voz Contact Center for SMEs looking to manage leads both in B2B (Business to business) as in B2C (Business-to-consumer). If your company has the goal of closing sales, you are on the right page. If you prefer qualify valuable leads, enrich their relationship and end up converting those leads into buyers convinced of the effectiveness of the product or service offered, contact us.

Nowadays, if what we want is for our company, be it an SME or a multinational, to attract Leads (our potential consumers), what we have to offer them is good customer service. proactive. The customer no longer talks about prices, they are looking for peace of mind and that can only be offered by a quality customer service.

What is a Sales Center?

Tu-Voz Contact Center, with more than 20 years of experience in people management and customer service, launches its own Sales Center Selia.

What is the difference? At Selia, with Marketing actions we continually seek opportunities and sales for your company. There are mechanisms and actions that have not been explored until now, such as LinkedIn, forums or specific third-party channels where your target is and you have not spent time getting their attention. And that's what Selia is for!

Why choose a Sales Center?

Recent years have made it clear that digitization is everything. For this reason, a point has come where in order for your company to continue growing, you must be able to develop omnichannel actions.

Benefits of choosing the Sales Center Selia:

Data center

Manage information by improving your processes to continuously adapt to the demands of the environment.

Customer satisfaction

Get a favorable environment to facilitate the sale of your products or services. Create relationships using automation mechanisms.

Are you willing to evolve with Selia?

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Get to know our Sales Center services

We develop customized processes for the Lead Nurturing of each project.

We increase the effectiveness of your sales team by offering qualified sales visits.

We call to create, update and/or enrich your databases. We purge and validate the information to achieve more effective commercial campaigns.

We help you, by means of telephone calls, to always keep the data protection consent of your databases updated.

We offer you a wide variety of services that will help you meet the objectives of your company. We increase the traffic of your workshop by 30%.