We make an objective, professional and detailed evaluation of the quality of your company's telephone service.


We make calls to your company, posing as potential clients, to measure and evaluate the quality of the service you provide.


Improve your customer experience by optimizing customer service processes. In addition, you will be able to analyze the performance of your employees.

Why make mystery calling or mysterious calls?

Through mystery calling, the evaluation of possible failures is carried out, such as waiting times, the treatment received, the lack of knowledge of the services and products by the worker, the follow-up or not of the customer service protocol. In fact, they are fundamental aspects to make a good first impression.

The objective of this technique is that the people in charge of the telephone service manage to transmit professionalism and trust to the client, provoking a positive brand image and reaping commercial relationships that end in benefits for the company.

Our mystery calling services allow you to know aspects such as:

  • Optimum operation of the control unit
  • Compliance with the appropriate schedules
  • Phone response time
  • Corporative presentation
  • Polite and friendly treatment
  • Resolution of queries

Do you want to know if you give the best service to your customers?

With the mystery calling service you will be able to improve your corporate image as well as the customer experience every time they contact your company.

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We offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client. Tell us what the needs of your company are and we will establish the appropriate procedures that guarantee the satisfaction of your clients.


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