A diverse and committed team

Meet the Tu-Voz Contact center team


In Tu-Voz we are passionate and committed to offering the best customer service, telemarketing services and lead management. We love what we do and work to achieve a level of excellent service that allows us to continue growing, together, every day. That is why we are committed to innovation and to a multidisciplinary group within the Tu-Voz Contact center team, made up of more than 50 agents Highly qualified and with great potential.

Qualified staff

In our Contact Center We have the necessary staff to guarantee the quality of our services at all times. We choose to maintain stability in the workforce and thus ensure that our workers only have to worry about giving their best. Furthermore, we believe in continuous trainingFor this reason, we have launched a new e-learning platform in which our telemarketers can continue learning constantly.

We always seek involvement and commitment with our clients

So that you get to know us better, we share some information about our management team

Equipo de Tu-Voz Contact center

Juan José Pla Tormo

Founder and CEO of Tu-Voz Contact center

Jose Tormo Polo

IT manager

Equipo de Tu-Voz Contact center

Estefanía Pedarrós Lucas

Digital Marketing and Business Development

María José García Cupertino