Sustainability Policy

We fight every day for a better world

Waste management

In Tu-Voz Contact center We recognize the importance of the environment for well-being and progress. In order to protect it, it is necessary to incorporate the environmental ethics and professionalism in all our activities and services. Therefore, in our desire to be a sustainable call center, we work to minimize our environmental impact by promoting best management practices.

Our new management system helps to significantly reduce paper consumption. Thanks to the technology we use and through constant innovation we have managed to considerably reduce our footprint. Furthermore, thanks to the various recycling bins Distributed in all our offices, we offer all our workers the possibility of helping the planet.

Step by Step

In our Call Center We are aware of the need to change certain daily habits. For this reason, another of the actions that we have carried out in our facilities is to replace the paper dispensers in the toilets with hand dryers. Also, We encourage the use of glass bottles among our workers to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.

In our commitment to make our offices a place more natural, green and healthy, we have added different types of plants. It is well known that plants have purifying properties as they recharge energy and combat the dreaded stress. A study endorsed by several universities has shown that the presence of plants in the office increases productivity and creativity by up to 15%.

Sustainability as an essential part of our activity

Ultimately, in Tu-Voz Contact center we conceive the sustainability Sustainability as an essential part of our activity. Our goal is to offer our customers a quality service in a responsible and efficient, promote a ethical culture and compliance, promote the professional training of employees and use natural resources sustainably.

We do not want corporate social responsibility to be just a fad. We are aware of the commitment of sustainability and actions that favor the universal principles of human rights and environmental well-being, for this reason we actively collect the witness and try to assert everything that is in our hands.

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