Equality Policy

We promote inclusive, open and innovative workspaces

+ 50 employees make up our team

7 nationalities that bring a diverse vision

89% of the workforce has received training in 2020

+ 30 employees telework in different modalities

We promote a work environment based on equal opportunities. We believe in diversity and inclusion, and promote ways of working that facilitate a balance between personal and professional life.

In Tu-Voz Contact center all staff receive the tools to help them succeed through training, challenges and opportunities. In addition, ideas from those who seek growth and support our call center and our customers are always welcome.

Committed to talent

In addition to all the actions we carry out to, within our scope, make the world a better and more equal place, we are committed to talent and we seek the maximum involvement of our human team. We understand that each employee has a personal responsibility and development potential that we continually try to foster.

Therefore, we are actively involved in facilitating flexible working conditions, respecting the motivations and needs outside their professional life that facilitate the work and personal reconciliation. We encourage long-term contracts in the teams and maintain employment exchanges to promote continuity. In addition, we maintain continuous monitoring in the evaluation of potential and results, valuing the effort of each person.

Equal opportunities

In Tu-Voz We defend that generational, cultural, sexual and gender diversity and the integration of people with different abilities contribute to the generation of different and innovative ideas and perspectives. All this brings a value added that allows us to benefit from mutual learning based on the principle of equality and nondiscrimination that governs and should govern all our actions. We are committed to gender equality in terms of equity, with the main objective of combating inequality between men and women.

63.46% are women

41 years on average

36.54% are men